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Ten top stretching tips

April 18th, 2013


10 top stretching tips from Tanya James, Massage Therapist.

1.   Try a variety of different stretches - not just one type

2.   Stretch everyday!

3.   Doing dynamic stretches before exercise reduces the risk of injury

4.   Connect mind and body - when you feel the pull of the stretch, release into it

5.   Static stretching should be held for a minimum of 30 seconds, and repeated 3 times

6.   Always static stretch after strength training

7.   A healthy joint has a balance of strength and flexibility so don’t over-do one or the other

8.   Stretching should never be painful or the muscle simply won’t release

9.   Work with the breath; exhale as you release into a stretch

10. Move throughout the day, stretching muscle groups that get used the most in your day!

Enjoy the benefits!!

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