Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage

I am a fully qualified, insured and accredited Sports Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructor specialising in Pregnancy, Postnatal and peri-post menopausal women, and women’s wellbeing. I draw on a wide range of techniques and tailor treatment to your specific needs.

Whether you are in pain with posture, or injury, want guidance on pelvic floor issues or simply some stretching, relaxing or healthy nutritional advice, I have the experience, knowledge and ‘listening touch’ to ensure you walk away feeling the benefits and be better equipped to deal with the issue and see a way forward.

I specialise in treating three broad types of client:

Pregnant and Postnatal women

Whether in need of help with relaxing through massage or advice on healthy nutrition, optimal birthing positions, good posture, perineal massage, c-section/scar massage or pelvic floor advice, I am able to offer advice and help.

I can help treat painful conditions such as pelvic girdle pain, SPD, carpal tunnel syndrome, cramping, or back and groin pain.

Women at all stages of life

I am truly passionate about helping and supporting women at all stages of life where certain challenges can take their toll, including peri/post menopause, pre/post hysterectomy and post cancer to name but a few. I want to see women of all ages gain trust and belief in their bodies to be able to see them through their lifetime, through massage, relaxation, exercise, movement, and healthy nutritional awareness.

People in discomfort or pain

I also treat men, women and young people/children who are suffering with discomfort or pain including those diagnosed with chronic and acute pain conditions such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, headaches, migraine, whiplash and back pain  to name a few. I aim to find the cause of the pain and try to resolve it rather than just treat the symptoms.

Treatments offered:

  • Advanced Clinical Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal massage
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise
  • Stretching
  • Hot stones Massage
  • Scar work therapy
  • Posture, core and pelvic floor advice

Prices for 1 hour session in clinic is £45 and for 30 minute session £25.

I also offer a mobile service up to 15 miles from Olney. 0-5 miles £50, 5-10 miles £55, 10-15 miles £60

Classes and courses I teach

  • Pregnancy exercise class
  • Postnatal exercise class
  • Fit for life class - suitable for all women wanting help with core, posture, pelvic floor
  • Baby Massage instruction
  • Massage in labour and Birth Preparation

Classes above are held in Olney and Turvey. Please contact me for current prices and starting dates or visit my Facebook business page ‘Massage and Movement by Tanya James’