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Podiatry is the discipline concerned with the diagnosis and management of foot and lower limb problems, which may range from simple nail cutting, treating in-growing or thickened toenails, corn and callus, (hard skin), removal to management of verrucae. Gait analysis can identify misalignments with posture which can result in back, hip, knee and ankle pain. Prescription orthoses, (insoles), can alleviate such conditions.

A consultation will include an assessment, diagnosis and a clear explanation of the treatment which will be provided to deal with the specific condition. The number and frequency of treatments required depends greatly upon the specific problem, an individual’s lifestyle and footwear preferences. At Footwell Podiatry, the approach is to encourage preventative foot care, and advice will be provided on how to minimise problems from reoccurring.

Care is available to all age groups and to patients with higher risk health conditions, such as diabetes and vascular impairment.

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Footwell Podiatry takes your data protection seriously. Your data is held to enable podiatry treatments to be provided to you. Full details are available in our privacy policy which can be viewed by clicking on the PDF icon below..


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Footwell Podiatry Privacy Policy
Footwell Podiatry Privacy Policy
Please click on the PDF icon to read our privacy policy...